Media Net Link

Automating critical communications
(The Alliance of Chief Executives)

Alliance of Chief ExecutivesBuilding communities on the Internet has become a recent phenomenon that is exploding. Alliance of CEOs is a client who grasped the power of using the Internet, and hired Media Net Link to develop the technology to apply this aspect to their business plan. Alliance of CEOs is a company dedicated to creating a forum for CEOs where they can meet on a regular basis to discuss what’s working and what challenges are confronting their respective offices.

One of the major tasks for Alliance was communicating with their clients, the CEOs. Processing new members, providing for reservations on-line, sending out updates and providing the content for its members were all important features and functions Alliance wanted in their web site. Media Net Link built the Alliance web site as a dynamic system that incorporated an application which provided a robust content management system. In addition, Media Net Link developed a custom version of our Contact Beacon tool giving them the ability to track their prospects and provide detailed surveys which could be automated, thus limiting the physical manpower needed to run such a recruiting program.

As Alliance of CEOs grows rapidly, Media Net Link will continue to support and develop cutting-edge applications and functionality to the Alliance system. Each project is based on the immediate needs and resources available. Media Net Link has become a close partner of Alliance of CEOs, working together to build out a service made for these competitive times.