Media Net Link

Case Studies

  • Partner/Reseller Sales Marketing Portal
    MNL built a Sales Claiming Tool to automate incentive payouts to thousands of Cisco's worldwide sales partners, increasing sales five-fold and cutting costs by $500,000 per year. Subsequently, Media Net Link was asked to develop the complete Cisco World Wide partner portal for all partner sales programs.
  • Dynamic Online Catalog
    Tyco Electronics' massive online parts catalog was plagued with inaccuracies. MNL created a dynamic content engine to generate an accurate online catalog from varied data sources. Three years and twenty-nine projects later, MNL continues to add value and services to this relationship.
  • Athena for Sarbanes-Oxley
    MNL created a custom version of our AthenaRMS product for call center provider MAP Communications. Employees of publicly-held companies using MAP's web-based services can anonymously report allegations of financial improprieties in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • CoachSelling for recruiting
    Wells Fargo's Private Client Services adapted our CoachSelling tool to manage its ongoing nationwide recruiting efforts. They've had such success tracking recruiting opportunities, candidates and hiring results that other Wells Fargo business areas are implementing it too.
  • Target Marketing
    The opportunity to reach specific market segments providing unique information germane to the prospect’s needs can be greatly enhanced using a customized segmentation system.
  • Using High Quality Email for Marketing Campaigns
    Automating your marketing efforts with high quality HTML emails and integrating these with your dynamic web site can help increase sales while lowering your costs per sale.
  • Creating an Efficient & Powerful Search Engine
    From large scale corporate websites to small scale office intranets, a well built search engine can be the reason prospects stay on your site or leave it the instant their search proves difficult.
  • Security and Access
    With the growing use of the Internet several security and access issues have developed. Monitoring users who are visiting your web site and the problem of keeping users out of certain areas of your web site are typical issues mangers must address. What if you would like to store more information about the consumers who are buying products from your web site? How will you know if someone has already visited your web site? Creating a comprehensive Authentication process will help solve some of the more perplexing security and access issues.
  • ASM Planner for large sales force
    Wells Fargo's Home and Consumer Finance Division is one of the largest and best run auto finance companies in the country. Media Net Link created a custom tool that the sales force and senior managers to schedule and track how many dealerships will be contacted on any day/week or month and the ongoing run rate tallies for all booked new business against goals. "We now have a tool that monitors every ASM's daily activity as they interact with our clients. What used to take them hours to prepare can now be done in minutes. We are creating additional opportunities in increased business that we never saw before." - Bob Church, District Vice President, Wells Fargo Financials
  • Distance Learning and Test Taking
    Online classes, courses and certifications are more popular on the web today than ever before. The convenience of taking an exam in the comfort of your own home is appealing not only to those taking the exams, but to those administering the exams as well. With this convenience comes concern for security.
  • Building Reports for Senior Managers
    Gathering data is one thing. Displaying that data in a format that senior managers will appreciate takes a completely different skill set. Your departmental database contains the information you are looking for. However, you need the information in a human readable format that can be easily understood. You also need the information to be accurate and available ASAP.
  • Data Integration
    A major criterion for any M&A candidate is the effort required to integrate the core data with the acquiring company’s database. Successfully integrating the different systems is usually the main factor ensuring the acquisition becomes profitable.
  • Outsourcing Your Back Office Systems
    Applying scarce resources to systems can become a black hole of expense for many small and medium sized businesses. Partnering with a company who understand systems and has the expertise to automate many of those critical functions can prove to be the best investment a company can make.
  • Creating a Corporate Standard Site
    A professional web site must have a consistent look and feel, and every page must conform to a standard. Ensuring that each page adheres to the company standard can be a daunting task, and when those standards change, updating all the pages on the site is even more daunting.