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Building Reports for Senior Managers

Your departmental database contains the information you are looking for. However, you need the information in a human readable format that can be easily understood. You also need the information to be accurate and available asap.

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This problem can be easily solved with the aid of a commercial reporting tool such as Crystal Reports. But perhaps such a reporting tool is not installed on your systems or it is not connected to the correct data source. Media Net Link can fill in this gap, creating any custom report needed. Maybe the data resides in a database, and needs to be extracted with a custom sql query. MNL has experience writing simple sql queries to complex sql joining data from multiple tables, multiple schemas, and even multiple databases.Although it would be nice, not all data is stored in a database. Half of the information needed may be stored in a spreadsheet, while the other half lurks in a plain text file. MNL can combine these disparate data sources to create a unified report containing the information you need to complete your job tasks. Each report can be generated in a variety of formats to suit your needs from PDF, Excel, Csv, or plain text. Along with data, visualizations such as graphs and pie charts can be included to conceptualize the report results. Running the custom report will fulfill the immediate need, but MNL can also add automation to reports, coordinating a predefined interval specifying when the report is generated. In addition, the report can be made available online, giving real time access to the report information.

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MNL has been called upon many times to generate custom reports for our clients. On one occasion a client wished to send a marketing email to recipients listed in an Excel spreadsheet. However, the list did not contain email addresses.It did contain personal identifier numbers, which were stored in the client's database. MNL was able to cross reference the personal identifiers in the spreadsheet to those in the data base, and generate an updated list of names with email addresses. The turn around time was minimal, allowing the client to successfully launch an email marketing campaign on time.