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Creating an Efficient & Powerful Search Engine

Most people can attest to the frustration that is caused by not being able to find relevant information quickly. This frustration can drive potential business to a competitor or cost a company valuable money and time. As the amount of information grows so does the difficulty finding the right information quickly. The path to relevant information is not always intuitive and straightforward. How can you provide your users or employees with quick web-based access to exactly the information they are looking for? How can you ensure that your information capital is available to the people who need it?

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Search engines can answer these questions by giving your users or employees immediate access to the information they are looking for. Large scale corporate websites to small scale office intranets can benefit from the advantages a search engine can provide. To be effective, a search engine should be fast, easy to administer and have an intuitive user interface. Content relevance, "fuzzy" logic (e.g. stemming, soundex) and phrase searching will increase the likelihood that your users will utilize your search engine and that their results will be relevant. Media Net Link can implement a search solution that is as simple or complex as is required by our clients. We remove the barrier between your users and your information capital. We will increase your user's satisfaction while decreasing both the time and money being wasted on inefficient information searches..

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Media Net Link implemented a search solution for HP's reseller portal. Their site contained thousands of documents ranging from white papers to product pricing sheets. HP had two requirements: provide each user with the most relevant documents they were authorized to see and do it without placing a large burden on the content administrator. Our solution integrated a solution we had previously implemented to audience documents with a freeware search engine called Swish-e. We delivered a solution that indexed over 7000 individual documents (HTML, XML, text and PDF documents) and provided a unique search result set to each user based on who they were. We were able to provide custom result sets by passing the Swish-e results through an audience engine built by Media Net Link. Integrating these two web services resulted in a more focused result set for each user. Our solution gave HP's customers sub-second access to the most pertinent information on the site and did so while increasing HP's content administrators' ability to quickly deliver information to the right people.