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“Our on-demand products are sophisticated, affordable, quick-to-implement, flexible and customizable.”

Because they are web-hosted, you can access them from were ever you do business, whenever it is convenient for you.  We handle the entire technical environment for you, so you can be up and running on our products, tailored to your needs, in a matter of days.


Content Management
Record, route and track any issue, request or information that demands resolution or action in your business.

Contact Beacon

Send sophisticated email notices, ads or messages to keep your customers, prospects or partners informed and interested.


Sales Force Automation
Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales activity by streamlining what you measure.

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Web Services
Establish a web presence for your business with our affordable Web Services Suite.

We have designed our web-based tools to be almost infinitely flexible. Our goal is build solutions that help our clients improve efficiency.

When building our tools, we focus on these Rules to Live By …

  1. Create On Demand (web-based) tools. Make tools that are easy to implement and easy for client to access, without the hassle of installing and maintaining software.
  2. Keep it simple. Build tools that are easy to use and intuitive.
  3. Build in flexiblility. Give the client the opportunity to design the right tool for them.
  4. Limit data entry. Never require users to spend precious time entering unnecessary information.
  5. Build in modular fashion. Let clients pick and choose what tools are right for them.
  6. Never attempt to change behavior. Build tools that work with or adapt to the client’s existing process. Never tell a client they have to change their way of doing business to fit the tool.
  7. Offer complete packages including support, training, and development.
  8. Handle the technical complexities so clients don’t have to.
  9. Continuously improve the tools based on client feedback.
  10. Sell by client referrals, not with a high priced sales force
  • AthenaRMS
    track issues, requests or any workflow content with this tool
  • Contact Beacon
    e-marketing tool for sending graphically rich messages
  • CoachSelling
    monitor and measure sales activity with this suite of tools
  • Web Services
    create a professional web presence with our web services

Vendors sell applications as specific, highly configurable components that upgrade automatically and integrate with any type of system at no cost and minimal effort. Companies would pay for the application only when employees use them.

Linus Torvalds - Creator of LINUX